The Lush Dimension:

As I sit pondering what to write about the company and products I love, I have an overwhelming sense inferiority as a blogger within the cyber-sea that is the world wide web; particularly when it comes to blogs about Lush (or law for that matter). Swirling thoughts such as, ‘What do I start with? Will I be repeating what has already been said? What value will my Lush babblings be of?’ and so on. The only answer I had to such questions was to write what I know and feel. When I say ‘feel’, I am referring to the things that make Lush special to me. Included are emotions such as: excitement when new products are released or I receive my almost weekly delivery of Lush purchases. Although this blog is not 100% dedicated to Lush. I do intend for Lush to be a prominent feature, as being a ‘Lushie’ is not only a large part of my life and who I am, but it is also: a means for me to express myself; a way to support causes I believe in whilst mirroring my own ethics and finally, it is a recovery aid.

I say recovery aid, as for many years I have suffered from debilitating mental health issues (I still do) and one of the reasons I developed my Lush ‘obsession’ is because during my first bout of DBT[1] I learned the skill ‘self soothe’. Lush products became my one and only successful method of self soothe, due to the glorious scents and luxurious texture each and every product has. As with any method of skill therapy, the skills set do not work every time. But Lush products sure help me even when not used in a self-soothing capacity. Sometimes, I use my bath bombs as a means of mindful distraction. I will bring out a random box of bath bombs and non-judgmentally observe their appearance and scents. But I digress, this piece was intended to be a snippet of who I am and an introduction to the Lush dimension of this Blog. Please forgive the previous ramblings. A head that has a constant stream of mismatched jigsaw pieces for thoughts, such as mine, has tendencies to fire off in different, incoherent directions!

Nevertheless, with so many fantastic Lush product review blogs and Instagram accounts out there, I have opted to not follow the traditional product review approach and instead will introduce my own version of ‘reviewing’. There will be an element of review, with some posts dedicated solely to reviewing products. However, I am aiming for my spin to derive from a personal perspective; opposed to providing an ingredient and scent description. I hope my ramblings will be both entertaining and informative.

[1] Dialectical Behavioural Therapy


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