My First Kawaii Box: Cuteness Overload

As someone who frequently avoids opening her mail and gets filled with anxious dread when I hear mail being pushed through the letter box, I decided to ensure that I at least had some mail I could look forward to. A few months prior to signing up to the Kawaii Group’s ‘Kawaii Box’, I had jumped on the subscription box bandwagon via a subscription to Curiosity Crates. After I received my second Curiosity Crate I was hooked on the growing subscription box phenomena.[1] I love the concept of subscription boxes. Each month you receive a box of unknown delights, the opening of which is as mood lifting and exciting as receiving birthday/Christmas gifts – for me anyways. Some have said that I could spend the money purchasing things I know I’ll like. However, this does not have the same pleasant anticipation as receiving a subscription box. It is not all about the items for me, it is about having something to look forward to; as well as the wonder of what goodies will be present. Enough of my rambling and on to the box itself.

General House-Keeping:

The box contains a series of Kawaii products from Japan and Korea. The cost of the subscription box is dependant upon the payment plan selected. There are four payment plans to choose from, these are: month to month basis; three monthly; 6 monthly and yearly. The cost of the box decreases based on the longevity of the payment plan selected. As I was new to the subscription box bandwagon, I opted for a month to month payment basis. This cost me $19.80 (USD) per month. As I live in the UK, this translated to around £15.92.

In addition, free international shipping is provided from the company’s base in Singapore. The free shipping is definitely a welcome added bonus. The Kawaii Box’s website is

The Box Itself:

In my box there were 13 items ranging from sweets to stickers and the cutest highlighters I have ever seen. Below is a picture of the box’s contents as a whole. See those cute egg shaped highlighters? Too cute.

The following pictures provide a clearer look at the box’s contents. One set of stickers I received (the pink bling pictured below) were used prior to taking the latter pictures provided. I just could not wait to add them to some picture frames I had. You can’t beat a bit of bling, can you? As you can see from the pictures below, everything is super cute. It has been hard trying to choose my favourite item, so much so that I tried to have a top three. However, every time I chose my top three, I would notice the remaining items and my choices would repeatedly change. As such, I have decided to let the images below do the talking. I really do love those highlighters though.

kawaii April

The pen has a very fine nib and writes beautifully.

The Coin purse is a large size. It is big enough to hold plenty of coins, bank cards and at least one lip stick.

Also included in the box was a sherbet candy DIY kit. As its instructions are not in English it will be interesting to try and create the sugary animals based on the instructive images alone. I think I will get someone else to attempt this task!



Finally, the set of envelopes that came in the box. They are just so pretty that I felt the best way to try and do them justice was to photograph them separately. I have both a wish to use them and a desire to hoard them.


Overall, I am incredibly happy with my box of goodies and eagerly await my next box. As stated earlier, the free shipping is a definite bonus. I am unsure if I would continue with my subscription if it were not included, as lovely as the items are, I am not convinced I could justify international shipping on top of the box price. Nevertheless, I would and do recommend this box, as it truly is cuteness overload. I believe it is a must for fellow Kawaii fans.

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[1] I shall commence reviewing Curiosity Crates after I receive my next package.


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