Curiosity Crate: A Subscription Box for Fans of the ‘Alternative’

Around November last year I jumped on the subscription box band-wagon by signing up to Curiosity Crates. My only regret with regards to this subscription is that I did not commence reviewing them sooner, as they rarely disappoint and are exceptional value for money. This is especially true if you are a fan of anything to do with the occult/gothic/’alternative’ scene(s). As a fan of anything non-generic and quirky, this crate appeals to my personality. Curiosity Crates are also special as, based on searches conducted thus far, they could be argued to form part of a niche market. As I have struggled to find other subscription boxes that both post to the UK and fall within the gothic category. Those that I have found, seem a little over-priced for the contents provided. If I have overlooked companies that issue such subscription boxes, please feel free to let me know. I’d love to find another box to subscribe to.

**Update** After the publication of this post, I was informed that there is another gothic subscription box service. I am super happy to have been informed of this and will post a review once my first box has arrived.

Each crate costs £20 with £4.95 UK delivery. I cannot remember if they provide international shipping and their website is undergoing maintenance so I cannot check. Delivery is via courier so as to ensure each parcel is delivered on the same day. Currently, and unfortunately, Curiosity Crates are not offering subscriptions to new customers. This, according to their correspondence is temporary. I will be gutted if they cease the subscription service altogether. If after reading this piece you are interested in subscribing to Curiosity Crates, you can pop onto their Facebook page: Curiosity Crates,[1] to keep posted on when subscriptions open again. Now on to the box contents.

This month I received 5 items in my Curiosity Crate. There are usually between 5 and 8 items per crate. This month’s box is definitely one of my favourites. This month’s box included: A sugar candy skull keyring; skull candle holder; a 3D wall image; a large sized dragon ornament and incense sticks. The incense sticks are a feature of every crate.


Even though I am not a fan of skulls (in fact they scare me a little), the craftsmanship and quality of these skulls is high. They are heavy in weight for their size and will make the perfect gift for those who are into the skull scene.


I have saved the following images for last, as they are of the products which made this month’s crate for me. I absolutely adore both the 3D rabbit image and the dragon ornament.

Since I was a young child, I have been obsessed with dragons as well as Pegasus’. Dragons for me have always represented freedom and strength. The freedom comes from their wings and the strength from the fire in their bellies, protected by thick skin. As such, the dragon I received this month is perfect for my collection. It is not only beautiful with its intricate detail, but it is sturdy, heavy and consequently durable.


Mythical creatures aside, my all-time favourite animal is the rabbit. So, this 3D print is right up my street. It combines my favourite creature and setting. I frequently seek solitude and tranquillity, away from others. A single rabbit surrounded by the wilderness gazing at the night sky resonates just that – silence, peace and tranquillity.


I love Curiosity Crates and cannot recommend them enough, particularly to those looking for something a little different as a mail day. Although the contents can be hit or miss depending upon personal taste, the value of products within each box far outweighs the subscription price. 

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