Pink Parcel: May 2016

My first ever Pink Parcel arrived last month and I was not disappointed. I know I am writing this review a month late. But as one of my favourite, clichéd mottos go – ‘better late than never’. When I first heard of the Pink Parcel concept I felt slightly embarrassed at the idea of having a time-of-the-month themed box sent to my house. However, the more I thought about the concept, the more I realised it was an ingenious idea. Insofar as it brings a little light into what can be a very unpleasant time for many women. As I have suffered from endometriosis since age 12, a Pink Parcel package arriving each month in time for the dreaded days of pain brings a little cheer to what is always a gloomy time. As the box includes not only essentials such as tampons/towels, but it also includes pampering and sugary goodies to make the time a little more bearable.  Now on to the box specifics.


General House-Keeping:

Pink Parcel can be subscribed to via the following website: Currently, the company are offering a first time subscription price of £.6.99, thereafter the box will be £.10.50 inclusive of UK delivery – Bargain price already! International delivery is not available at present.

How the box works: The parcel’s arrival is scheduled in relation to the days of your menstrual cycle, arriving in time for your period. During the initial subscription stage you are also given the option to select which sanitary products you require.  For example, you can select between tampons or towels, as well as whether they are to cater for heavy or light periods. Essentially the box is tailored to your personal menstrual needs; meaning no more being caught short as you’ll always have a generous supply.


The Box Itself:

As stated previously, this was my first ever Pink Parcel delivery and I was not disappointed. Along with a very generous supply of around 16 branded sanitary towels (in my box), there were 8 other high quality pamper and sugar-fix products.

May’s products were: Sanitary towels; English Tea Shop chocolate and vanilla tea; Badger Sleep Balm; Rocco Mini Bee Bar in honeycomb crunch; Lottie London make-up brush; Cougar Perfect Pout lip plumper; Fudge Kitchen white chocolate and raspberry fudge cube; True Brit London nail polish and Simple facial toner. All the products in the May Pink Parcel were fantastic and I discuss my favourite ones below.

First up is the True Brit nail polish. I absolutely love the colour, it is classy and chic. A sort of smoky off-white shade which is striking at the same time. My only concern is with regards to the company’s ethos on animal testing, I have thus far been unable to discover its position. This aside, it is nevertheless a strikingly beautiful product to look at. Its bottle and outer packaging exude luxury, as does the polish’s colour itself. Retailing at £12.50 per bottle, Pink Parcel’s inclusion of this polish already outweighs the subscription price. Range available at:


The 10ml ’Perfect Pout’ lip plumper by Cougar Beauty Products is fantastic, as soon as I tried this clear product on my lips I felt them start to tingle – creating a luscious pout. The company’s website advertises this product for £29 at Thus, the inclusion of this product in May’s Pink Parcel is very exciting and generous. 


Now onto the parcel’s foodie goodies.


When it comes to fudge I am incredibly fussy. One thing I do not like about mass produced fudge available in many stores is the generic, vanilla essence flavour such bars seem to have. Texture is important too. To me, a good fudge should be both squidgy and slightly firm in texture. The Fudge Kitchen’s sample cube hit the spot for me in these areas. The sample of fudge provided had a glorious bite, whilst the sweetness of the white chocolate was beautifully balanced against the slight tartness of the raspberries used. The fudge was vegetarian, and gluten free options are available at their website:  Even if you don’t subscribe to Pink Parcel, I highly recommend that you buy some fudge from the Fudge Kitchen. I will most definitely be making an order (or multiple).

Like fudge, I am fussy when it comes to chocolate. So I was apprehensive about trying Rocco Chocolate’s Mini Bee Bar. However, I need not have been as the chocolate bar was beautifully creamy and rich in flavour. I enjoyed it so much that I was sad when I had finished my bar. I am really hoping another bar will be available in next month’s Pink Parcel, if not, I may have to purchase some myself. Their website is:


Last but definitely not least, the Badger Company’s ‘Sleep Balm’ which is available at various online retailers and seems to average at around £5. The official website is:


As an insomniac, this sleep balm is probably the item I was most excited to see in my box. The lavender scent and its soothing properties instantly relaxed my senses. The best thing about this balm and the company’s products is the fact is that they are Leaping Bunny certified (according to their website). Therefore, I can use this product without concern as to whether it is ethical, as I do not use products which have been tested on animals.

Overall, the products discussed in detail alongside the other products included in the May parcel far outweigh Pink Parcel’s subscription price. I cannot recommend the box enough. Not only does it brighten a rotten time of the month, but the quality and specific nature of the products will keep my subscription active for many more months to come. My only regret is that I did not subscribe sooner!


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