Putting my Lush Where my Mouth is

In previous posts I have babbled on about how much of a ‘Lushie’ I am. However, what I have not done is demonstrate the extent of my ‘obsession’/’compulsion’. Therefore, within this piece I have decided to give a sneak peek into my Lush Cosmetics world by showing you, lovely readers, two of my collections. Discussed below.

Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars:

When I took the following pictures (a good few months back) there was a combination of bubble bars and bath bombs totalling 281. This has since increased to 301. Can you guess which scents are my favourite? 😛

I love sugary scents such as those that derive from Snow Fairy and Creamy Candy – contrary to some beliefs and assertions, these two scents are not the same. Creamy Candy is sweet with a slight tartness from its raspberry based scent, whilst Snow Fairy has a full sugary scent resembling candy floss. Anyways, I am also a massive fan of the relaxing aroma provided by Twilight, as well as the rejuvenating spice from Lord of Misrule and Holly-Golightly. Then there are Intergalactic and YogNog bath bombs which are so amazing I struggle to find words to give them the credit they are due.  

Now that I think of it, I find it difficult to precisely state my favourite scent family, as my mood depicts which scent I am drawn to. This eclectic taste in scents could be argued to be a derivative of my bipolar disorder. One thing I do know about myself and my ‘likes’ is my passion for Lush Cosmetics and their ability to aid me with my DBT skills. But I digress, back to the discussion at hand. Below are some images of my aforementioned collection. I apologise about the quality of the pictures; I will up load better quality images when I am able.

One of the reasons my collection is so vast is because for the last 8 or so years, I have stocked up on Lush’s Boxing Day sale. This is in combination with purchasing Lush products throughout the year. Some of my bath bombs date back to 2008! For example, I have a Comforter bubble bar which is now mostly white with a shade of dusky pink swirled through it. Also it now smells florally, opposed to fruity. Some of the other bath products are collector’s items to me now, as many have been discontinued. I will write a separate post with the unboxing of some of the ‘retro’ gift sets I had stored in my attic.

Speaking of storing Lush bath products, to keep them as fresh as possible I store them in what I call ‘scent boxes’. As shown above. Within these boxes each bath product is individually wrapped in cling film and sits in the box only with other members of its scent family. I find this helps them keep their strong scent for longer. Bath bombs and bubble bars aside, I now share with you my shower gel collection.

Shower Gels:

Like the above discussed bath products, my shower gel collection has increased since the photo below was taken. In the picture there are 69 shower gels. Due to the addition of a kg bottle of Rose Jam (swoon) and various other shower gel lovelies purchased in the Lush Kitchen, the total has increased to 78. Also, I am awaiting a shipment of a kg Bottle of LOM and a 500g bottle of the highly sought after Plum Rain. These have not been included in the total as yet. I will discuss these when they arrive.


As you can probably tell from the picture, Snow Fairy is a favourite scent of mine. I currently own 17 bottles of it, hehe (or oops!). It will remain a firm favourite until the day that either Lush or the Lush Kitchen make a Creamy Candy shower gel. I am aware the scents are similar in some respects, but they are just not the same. The sweet tartness of a Creamy Candy shower gel would make for an interesting addition to an already vast variety of shower gel scents.  *Hint, hint* Lush Kitchen *Hint*

To wrap up, I feel it is fair to assume that by giving this glimpse into my world of Lush, I can safely say I have put my Lush where my mouth is. As I have shown the two largest parts of my collection which are most definitely not complete.


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