Kawaii Box: May 2016

May’s Kawaii Box was my second subscription box from the Kawaii Group. This month had a mix of items I loved and others I was indifferent to. However, they will serve well as stocking fillers this Christmas. So, May’s box was a win-win.

General House-Keeping:

The box contains a series of Kawaii products from Japan and Korea. The cost of the subscription box is dependant upon the payment plan selected. There are four payment plans to choose from, these are: month to month basis; three monthly; 6 monthly and yearly. The cost of the box decreases based on the longevity of the payment plan selected. As I was new to the subscription box bandwagon, I opted for a month to month payment basis. This cost me $19.80 (USD) per month. As I live in the UK, this translated to around £15.92.

In addition, free international shipping is provided from the company’s base in Singapore. The free shipping is definitely a welcome added bonus. The Kawaii Box’s website is http://www.kawaiibox.com/

In this month’s box there were 12 items ranging from sweets to stickers and the cutest socks ever! The box’s items were: Anpanman Corn Rings; Kawaii coin purse; animal icon stamp set; fluffy pompom keyring; Kitty doughnut squishy; Hello Kitty pencil sharpener; pastel bear pen; puffy dessert stickers; cute animal socks; heart shaped bracelets; Kasugai Chibi Vege Ramune candy and lucky star origami stickers.

The Box Itself:

As you can see from the image below, this month’s box was filled to the brim with kawaii awesomeness. I think the socks are just fabulous. In fact, they’re so fabulous that they may even rival my beloved Care Bear socks! However, the coin purse freaks me out a little. It reminds me of those hideous china dolls that were popular amongst kids in the 90s’. You know, the type of dolls that came alive in ghost stories told at Halloween. As a kid in a 1990’s, I was most certainly not a fan of those dolls and had many night terrors involving them. The stories connected to them remain to have a traumatic influence on my dreams today.

Anyways, I absolutely love the squishy doughnut ring which bears a strong resemblance to something that belongs within the Hello Kitty franchise. This is never a bad thing! Additionally, the Hello Kitty sharpener is a welcome addition to my kitsch looking typing desk.



The stamp set it too cute.

Although I was pleased with many of the items in May’s box, I must admit that I had been left in doubt as to whether I should continue with the subscription service. As I was not overly captivated by the box as a whole in terms of value for money. However, I will give it another month or so before I decide what to do. Especially as free international shipping is included, thus, I should be more appreciative of this fact when analysing the box’s content.

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