Curiosity Crate June 2016: A Subscription Box for Fans of the ‘Alternative’

This month’s Curiosity Crate provided another array of high quality products, the retail value of which far exceeded the cost of the box. Although the design replicated on a few of the items was not to my taste, I nevertheless appreciated the inclusion of them. As their quantum value was apparent. Consequently, they will be regarded as valuable gifts this Christmas time to those I know will appreciate their artistic beauty.  Additionally, this month’s box was most welcome as I have been suffering from long depressive episodes and really needed the boost.

General House-Keeping:

As stated within my previous post, Curiosity Crate is the prefect subscription box for those who are a fan of non-mainstream products. As they cater for those who enjoy the gothic/alternative scene(s).

Nemesis Now is the main brand and distributor whose products fill the majority of each Curiosity Crate. Once I realised this, I scoured their website in search of other gothic goodies I could own. As I absolutely adore the functional and artistic quality of Nemesis Now’s products. Unfortunately, Nemesis Now only provide their products on a wholesale basis. This was a great disappointment to me, as I had been teased with things containing designs of dragons, rabbits, fairies, Pegasus’ and wolves – all things that fall within the domain of my favourite creatures.

Each crate costs £20 with £4.95 UK delivery. I cannot remember if they provide international shipping and their website is undergoing maintenance so I cannot check. Delivery is via courier so as to ensure each parcel is delivered on the same day. Currently, and unfortunately, Curiosity Crates are not offering subscriptions to new customers. This, according to their correspondence is temporary. I will be gutted if they cease the subscription service altogether. If after reading this piece you are interested in subscribing to Curiosity Crates, you can pop onto their Facebook page: Curiosity Crates,[1] to keep posted on when subscriptions open again. Now on to the box contents.

The Box Itself:


This month’s box contained the following 5 items: a keyring; a scarf; a clock; a compact mirror and a paperweight. The scarf, keyring and paperweight were my personal favourites and as such, I discuss them first.

I am a huge fan of scarves and it could be argued I own too many. But my excitement due to the beauty of this scarf throws all such accusations out the window; as it is a must have for my collection. The design and its array of colours are outstanding and right up my street.


The scarf forms part of Nemesis Now’s ‘Elixir’s Lure’ range.[2] Due to the generous size of the scarf it could easily be used as a decorative wall piece.

Next up are two products which feature my favourite (non-mystical) animal – the rabbit. The keyring and paperweight pictured below belong to the ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Mystic Knight’ ranges respectively.


As you can see from the keyring’s image, the condensed size of the design has had no impact on the quality of detail. The contrasting and simultaneously soothing use of white and blending blues with the elongated hare resonates (to me) a mindful freedom; where letting go of past restrictions is embraced via symbolic exposure to new pastures. The dark outer edges and moonlit background represent the past, a fleeing in the night. The white purity of and glow to the night sky flowing from the hare is representative of the emotional benefits of ‘letting go’. Whilst its imagery acknowledges that pastures new can be daunting and it is ok to be cautious.


The Mystic Knight paperweight is beautifully illustrated. The heaviness of its glass body acts as an additional demonstrative factor of its high quality. I love the dark and vibrant colours of this piece which has now become a firm feature on my desk. It is difficult not to have my eye drawn to it when I am glancing around my desk in search of meaningful thought.

The last two products within the June Curiosity Crate belong to the ‘Earth and Moon’ range. I regard myself as an ‘Earth Baby’. As I am someone who seeks solace and health rejuvenation from the earth by sitting on grass under the stars sometimes when I am unwell. However, despite these facts I did not like the imagery in the clock and compact mirror, as pictured below.

The face leaves me feeling uneasy. I think I have said something along these lines before, but I have a fear of images of eyes and certain face structures. I have no idea where such fears came from. Although I do wonder if it has something to do with the fact that eyes are the windows to the soul. Nevertheless, the weight and quality of the items is undeniably good and they will make excellent gifts at Christmas.

When I proofread my pieces before posting, I often wish I could vocalise my thoughts and opinions as well as I write them. It saddens me that I cannot. Due to a combination of words being trapped by social phobia and its consequential fear of humiliation as exacerbated by my anxiety and PTSD, I instead have to live with a mind overloaded by words and thoughts. These words and thoughts provide a debilitating feeling of being trapped inside my own head. They crush and cramp my brain to the point that I feel I live in an externally silent, catatonic state – although inside my head says differently. Perhaps, this is part of the reason why subscription boxes form an important part of my life. They provide me with a means to express myself, whilst providing much needed ‘cheer-ups’ and something to look forward to. But then, if I were to think about this topic next week I would most likely have a differing theoretical perspective. This is the nature of the anxiety/PTSD beast. However, regardless of my jigsaw theories I love the ‘lucky-dip’ objective of subscription boxes.

I apologise as I have rambled on and diverted from the box. To conclude, although there were two items that did not appeal to my tastes, I appreciate this month’s Curiosity Crate as a whole in terms of monetary value. I also appreciate the fact that each month I receive high quality items, opposed to things which could be purchased at a local pound shop. This is something I have noticed that some subscription services provide in their boxes. Yet again the Curiosity Crate service has brought me a much needed mood boost and I cannot wait for my next one.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more subscription reviews, please subscribe to this blog.


[2] All ranges discussed from this point also belong to Nemesis Now


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