Lush Oxford Street: Best Mail Day Ever!

Ok, so this post deviates from my typical rambling style as I discuss my most recent Lush haul. This haul differs from my usual ‘gotta haul them all’ (see what I did there? Haha) regular line Lush Cosmetics sprees, as the contents of this purchase are solely Oxford Street exclusives. And the bonus of this haul is the fact I did not have to venture about 400 miles to the store myself – Living in Scotland means it would be a difficult trek. I have said multiple times in my previous posts that I am a long-term Lushie and consequently, not being able to get to the flagship store has been a source of great distress for me. As over dramatic as that statement may seem, since opening day I have perceived the Oxford Street store to be Lush’s mecca; the hub for all Lushies. Therefore, to not be able to get there is gutting.

Additionally, this haul is extra special because I genuinely believed that since I refuse to pay ridiculous eBay prices for the products and cannot easily get to the Lush mecca, I would never be able to grab the exclusive products unless they entered the Lush kitchen. I did have a ‘friend’ who frequented there but I had to make the heart-breaking decision to cut all ties with them. As devastating as the decision to sever ties was, I had to try and look after my own mental health.

Unsurprisingly, I was to blame because I was the worst ‘Bipolar/Anxiety/PTSD sufferer’ that ever existed. Bollocks! It took a lot guts for me to end things and even now I have periods of missing them, as I still like them. Although, I know in my heart I made the right decision and as such would not return. But I have no feelings of resentment and wish them all the happiness in the world. Due to this I cannot get them to pick me up anything. Long story short, the point of the above babble was to further emphasise how important and joyful it was for me to receive a package filled with Oxford Street goodies. The above examples were the basis of my belief that I would never be able add to my large Lush stash with those prized exclusives.  So, when I discovered online a Lushie who acts as a personal shopper by doing runs to the Oxford Street store, I felt all my Christmases had come at once. When my package arrived, I felt tears brewing. I was so happy.

The fabulous Lushie who collected my goodies was so professional that she alleviated my concerns about sending monies to a total stranger. Although it was via PayPal’s G&S, it was still a very anxious time. Particularly so for someone, such as myself, who has frequently been told they suffer from paranoia. My defensive rebuttal is always ‘just because one appears paranoid, it does not make them wrong’. After all that, I move on to the important stuff – my exclusives!

I bought: a kg bottle of Lord of Misrule shower cream; Supertramp bubble bar; two Speedboat FUN bars and the piece de resistance, a 500g bottle of Plum Rain shower gel.

13528052_10157143986120010_1466015211043624909_oTo most Lushies, the Lord of Misrule (LOM) scent is within their top three Lush scents. Its popularity is unsurprising; as its warming, sweetly spiced scent provides its user with a warm glow on a brisk day. I must admit that I too am a LOM groupie. Whether the scent is within its bath bomb, body scrub or SC shell LOM will no doubt remain a top seller for Lush. There is so much written on this scent that I do not feel I can contribute anything outstandingly new. As such, I will halt discussions here by moving onto my next purchased product.

The only reason I finally gave in and purchased the Supertramp bubble bar was because for a longer period of time than I care to remember, I have seen Lushies requesting products of this scent all over social media. I had my reservations due to descriptions I had heard of its scent. Each of these descriptions screamed ‘you will hate this’. But curiosity got the better of me and I bought one. In this case, curiosity really did kill the cat. As I opened my parcel I was hit with a strong earthy, and to my senses, pungent smell. It hit my senses so ferociously that I retched. I usually only retch at the whiff of honey. Ick!  Currently, Supertramp is tucked away in my bag of unwanted gifts that will be passed to someone else at Christmas. Thankfully, I also had Speedboat FUN and Plum Rain in my parcel.

Speedboat FUN was everything I had hoped it would be. It was sweet and sugary with a wonderful citrus twist. However, it was Plum Rain that I was most excited about and it did not disappoint. It shares its consistency with Rose Jam SG, giving a rich foamy lather. Based on my experiences of Lush scents over the years, I feel Plum Rain is a fairly unique addition to Lush’s catalogue of scents. Although its tartness reminds me of the Comforter SG that was released a few years ago, its plum scent cannot be so easily attached in likeness to other scent families.

Of all my Lush hauls this year, this one has been by far my favourite. Knowing that I can now get more of the Oxford Street exclusives is just the icing on my collector’s cake.

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