Kawaii Box: June 2016 [Review]

I have had a lot of stress to deal with lately and as such, my mental health had taken a prolonged dip. Thus, I was unable to focus on my blog and consequently fell behind with reviewing. Hence, I am only now reviewing the June Kawaii Box. As well as trying to catch up with other boxes in need of review. Apologies for this, but as the overused saying goes – ‘Better late than never’. As discussed in my last Kawaii Box review, I had reservations regarding whether I should continue with the service. This uncertainty was based predominantly on value for money.

After leaving the subscription active to pay for the June box, I cancelled the subscription due to the aforementioned reservations and went in search of other kawaii boxes. I must admit that the arrival of the June box left me regretting my decision (slightly), as it was cram packed full of goodies.

General House-Keeping:

The box contains a series of Kawaii products from Japan and Korea. The cost of the subscription box is dependant upon the payment plan selected. There are four payment plans to choose from, these are: month to month basis; three monthly; 6 monthly and yearly. The cost of the box decreases based on the longevity of the payment plan selected. As I was new to the subscription box bandwagon, I opted for a month to month payment basis. This cost me $19.80 (USD) per month. As I live in the UK, this translated to around £15.92.

In addition, free international shipping is provided from the company’s base in Singapore. The free shipping is definitely a welcome added bonus. The Kawaii Box’s website is http://www.kawaiibox.com/

The Box Itself:


The June box was generously filled to the brim with 12 kawaii surprises. The items within the box were: Kabaya Panda Cookies; Kawaii Animals Pouch; Harajuku Bow Hairpin; Fresh Juice Fan; Summer Fruits Stickers; Pastel Pompom Pen; Ice Cream Charm; Watermelon Purse; Baby Elephant Mini Plush; Korean Deco Glitter Set; Kawaii Animals Pocket Mirror and a Plastic Bag Charm.

The stickers and pen are a recurrent inclusion within Kawaii Box. They are a much welcomed addition as I love stationary. I have not yet received stationary within one of their boxes that I did not like. As usual, I am going to cover my favourite items first. This month, as with my first Kawaii Box, I had some difficulty in narrowing down my favourite items. As such, after much deliberation, I compiled a top three.


The first item within the box that really stood out for me at first glance was the Korean Deco Glitter Set. In my opinion there is no such thing as too much glitter. The set will be a fabulous addition to my mindfulness craft box. The colours within the set are amazing, I love their vibrancy and cannot wait to use them. Next up is the watermelon purse. It is fluffy and a decent enough size to accommodate cards, cash and lipstick or another similar sized item(s). As noted above, I love stationary and as such, the pen had to be in my top three. This is especially so due to the pompom dangling from the pen’s top. Pompoms are so cute.

Other items:


I love the unique style of the fan and will add it to my costume accessories container. The ice cream charm feels of sturdy quality and has been attached to one of my bags already. Whilst I like the appearance of the other accessories I received, I will most likely pass them on as stocking fillers this Christmas.


The cookies were so yummy that they deserved an image of their own. I loved these little guys and would love some more.


June’s box most definitely ticked the boxes for value for money. This assertion is based on both the quantity and quality of items provided. This is especially so as there were many useable goodies to select from. When evaluating the value for money of Kawaii Box, I took into consideration the fact that international shipping is included in the price. For me, this increased the value of June’s box and as discussed within May’s box review, this was the main element which encouraged me to retain my subscription a little longer. Despite my cancellation of the subscription, I love the surprise element that Kawaii Box brings. As well as the fact that most of the products are of a useable nature. Whether they are used is dependent upon the individual in receipt of the items.

See below for a condensed evaluation of the three Kawaii Boxes reviewed in re to Kawaii Box as a subscription service.

In Summary: All Three Boxes Received

Whilst I really liked April’s Kawaii Box and the June box made up for the disappointment I felt re May’s box,[1] I stand by my decision to cancel the subscription. Although the June box initially filled me with regret over the cancellation, upon reflection I do feel I made the correct decision. As by balancing the items contained within each box in terms of quality, quantity and consequently value for money I feel at the present time I cannot justify continuing the subscription.

However, I acknowledge that each box comes down to personal taste and expectations. Therefore, I would still recommend the Kawaii Box subscription service for the following reasons: value for money in re the inclusions of free international postage; appreciation of the contents is specific to an individual and finally, the box contents tick kawaii boxes with their cuteness. As such, Kawaii Box overall would be perfect for fellow kawaii fans.

As will all subscription services, there exists potential for disappointment. Thus, areas where the box may lapse will likely be in relation to personal taste and expectations. This is the gamble taken when subscribing to a subscription service and where Kawaii Box slipped below the subscription net for me. As although I love the excitement associated with wondering what surprises are within each box and despite the fact there were many items that I adored, there were too many items that I personally would not put to use. Which, on a subjective level, meant the box did not constitute a justifiable spend.

Are you a potential, current or previous Kawaii Box subscriber? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on the box.

If you would like to read more subscription box reviews, please subscribe to this blog.

[1] Many of the items looked like they belonged in Poundland.


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