Lush Oxford Street Haul: Part 2

Following the success of my previous Lush Oxford Street (OS) exclusives transaction with a fellow Lushie,[1] I quickly started burrowing monies away for my next Lush OS haul. As I live in Scotland, the service provided by this lovely Lushie is an absolute blessing. It is a blessing because the only other means of obtaining such items is to wait in hope that they are released by the Lush Kitchen or pay extortionate prices on eBay; something I refuse to do. Travelling hundreds of miles to the Lush OS store is not a viable option for me at the moment. Although, Lush’s flagship store is my equivalent of the Holy Grail.

Anyways, placing the order for this Lush OS haul was just as exciting as placing the first. This time I was filled with less trepidation with regards to whether I would end up being ripped off and consequently losing my money. Although the anxiety was present and provided many ‘worst case’ scenarios, I enjoyed as much excitement as was present with the first haul. However, this time the excitement flowed more freely. Selecting the products, waiting for confirmation that they were available to purchase, the postage update and anxiously awaiting their arrival all form part of my Lush OS experience excitement. As it is the closest I can get experience it, save going to the store in person.

The Purchase:

This haul included: Windmill reusable bubble bar; two Cherry Blossom reusable bubble bars; Little dragon reusable bubble bar and another 500g bottle of Plum Rain.


Windmill Reusable Bubble Bar:


I was pleasantly surprised by Windmill bubble bar, as within various reviews I had read about its noticeable use of the ingredient ginger. The possibility of a visible ginger scent was an initial obstacle for me to purchase Windmill, as I do not like the scent of ginger. However, as this was a Lush product I had yet to try, I bit the bullet and purchased one. I did so with the full intention that if it did not suit my scent pallet, I would pass it onto my sister as a ‘gift’ J. Possibly a Christmas gift – haha! I had paid for it, so why let it go to waste. *Hands held up in a stance of innocence at this justification*

Prior to opening the packaging that contained Windmill, I could detect its sweet lime fragrance. Cue hopes rising at the prospect of a new and enjoyable Lush bath time experience. Once out of its packaging, I instantly fell in love with it as the most noticeable feature detected was the inclusion of lime oil. My first impression of Windmill was that it is very similar to Lush’s Green FUN bar, as both have a sugary sweet and strong lime aroma. Perfection to my scent detector.

Further scent inspection revealed that Windmill has a more complex aroma than Green FUN, as Green FUN is a fairly one-dimensional lime scent. Unlike Windmill, whose complexity shines through after the initial lime hit. I detected mildly spiced notes which provided an almost creamy element to the overall scent. The spicy notes most likely derive from the inclusion of ginger. Thankfully, for me and anyone else who is not a huge fan of ginger, its use within Windmill is mild enough to engage the senses in a rejuvenating manner without being overpowering.

Once Windmill has been immersed in bath water, the ginger component comes to the fore. However, it does not overpower the lime properties. Instead, there exists a pleasant balance between the two dominant ingredients discussed,[2] which provide a sweetly spiced bath. Consequently, a warming component exists alongside sensory awakening properties of the lime oil. In sum, I absolutely loved Windmill bubble bar and will be adding more to my Lush OS haul part three list.

Cherry Blossom Reusable bubble bar:


I approached purchasing Cherry Blossom reusable bubble bar with the same trepidation as Windmill. As I am neither a fan of woody or overly floral scents, I was expecting to dislike this Lush product. Additionally, although upon closer inspection it is cute to look at, Cherry Blossom’s aesthetics did not bowl me over at first. As such, its appearance and ingredient list (as advertised in one of Lush’s catalogues) meant that I overlooked Cherry Blossom in favour of more aesthetically and sensory exiting products. I regret this oversight now.

Why based on such reservations I purchased two of this reusable bubble bar I do not know. But, as with the rationale behind purchasing Windmill and Tramp bubble bars, I can only conclude that as Lush products I had to own them. Two of them in this case.

Fortunately, the scent Cherry Blossom provides exceeded my expectations. It also surprisingly satisfied my desire for Lush bath products that have sugary sweet aromas. From the first sniff, the overall scent Cherry Blossom provided was of sweet, powdered cherries. Much like the smell of the 80s/90s sherbet sweet ‘Dib-Dab’. A childhood favourite of mine that resonates the approaching of summer and end of school term memories. The soft, powdery and almost nutty notes that underlie the initial fragrance of Cherry Blossom most likely derive from the inclusion of almond oil.

The sweet scent Cherry Blossom offers is much milder than sugar-bath-fixes such as those belonging to the Candy Mountain[3] family. However, this does not minimise the sweet and relaxing properties that Cherry Blossom has to offer. In fact, it could be argued that its gentle sweetness in combination with the cherry sherbet aroma it provides, places it as a potential contender for those who do not like to be overpowered by intense and overly sweet scents. For me, there is no such thing as a too sweetly fragranced product.

As I am not always in the mood to be immersed in fragrances that are so sugary they would challenge the sweet aromas that I imagine exist within Santa’s workshop, Cherry Blossom works as a middle-of-the-road compromise between enjoying relaxing properties such as those the inclusion of Rosewood Oil provides and getting the bath sugar fix that I discuss ever so frequently in my Lush posts.

Little Dragon Reusable Bubble Bar:


This little beauty was a purchase that produced no reservations. I would go as far as to assert that I was confident I would love this purchase. As based on the ingredient list which includes: clove leaf, cinnamon and even ginger, it theoretically promised to be a spicy winter cockle warmer; my favourite kind of winter bath product. These ingredients render the aroma offered by Little Dragon (LD) similar to Hot Toddy[4] shower gel (a beloved favourite of mine). However, the Little dragon’s scent is much milder, more one-dimensional and less sweet than Hot Toddy. As such, LD would probably be suitable for those who appreciate spiced wintery aromas minus strong scents that resemble a syrupy cinnamon Christmas cocktail. As is the case with the Hot Toddy scent family – much to my joy.

To me, the best thing about LD is the fact that this is an all-year-round product. Consequently, this means that I can get a variation of my Hot Toddy fix, without having to wait in hope that either Lush announce its return during the Christmas season or it arrives in the Lush kitchen.

Plum Rain Shower gel:


After my first purchase of Plum Rain shower gel, I knew I had to own another bottle (or 5). I cannot get enough of the sweet plum tartness this shower gel provides, as discussed in my previous post.

[1] who kindly popped to the Lush Oxford Street store to pick up some exclusive goodies for me. See my earlier post.

[2] Lime and ginger appear to be the two dominant ingredients that make up Windmill, hence why they have featured heavily within its review.

[3] Lush’s seasonal bubble bar that shares its scent with their Creamy Candy bubble bar

[4] A seasonal product Lush brought out with their Christmas 2014 range


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