Yumetwins: August Kawaii Box [Review]

This review discusses my first Yumetwins subscription box. Upon arrival and prior to opening my parcel, I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the box itself. Its size and weight suggested a package cram packed with kawaii goodies – just what I was hoping to receive. This is especially so because a few of my other kawaii subscription boxes had left me a little disappointed both at first glance of the box and from within.

General House-Keeping:

The Yumetwins subscription box forms part of the TokyoTreat company. TokyoTreat is a subscription service supplying Japanese sweets and candy to its subscribers. Whilst the Yumetwins box focusses on supplying Yume kawaii themed items such as, plushies, accessories and stationary. According to the Yumetwins website the Yume kawaii movement is centred around ‘cuteness and fairy tales’ with a touch of darkness. The box is most certainly cute. However, I will have to learn more about the movement to wholly appreciate the extent to which the box encapsulates the concept.

The box retails at 23.99 USD with 6 USD shipping. As I live in the UK, the cost of the box plus shipping converts to around £22.71. Monetary wise I say, ‘so far so good’, especially as delivery is from Japan. Shipping is worldwide from Japan and appears to be a flat rate of 6 USD – Bonus! Shipping costs aside, the most important aspect of the box (to me) is the fact that all the products supplied are authentic licensed brands, including: Sanrio, Tomy and Amuse. More thrillingly the Yumetwins subscription box may contain exclusive branded products.[1] I love a good exclusive, it makes me feel special.

The Box:

In terms of the box’s overall presentation, the effort put into its construction is clear; as it is professionally and beautifully designed. This makes the overall experience of opening it all the more special. As it feels like opening a package that has genuinely been made with care. My package arrived undamaged and this is predominantly due to the sturdy quality of the box. The box’s contents are discussed below.



Along with a Yumetwins monthly pamphlet, the box contained the following 8 ‘Loveable Animals’ themed items: Pompompurin Letter Set; Pompompurin Pen; Amuse Alpacasso Plush; Gudetama Limp Mascot; Neko Atsume Memo Pad; Shinada Fluffy Animal Plush; Airou and Meraou Towel and a Re-Ment Mare Sweets Mascot.  As I do with all my blog posts, I discuss the things I am most excited about first.


When I first saw on Instagram that the August box contained an Amuse Alpacasso plush I could not believe my good luck. As not only had I been anxious to own one of these cute critters, but I was going to receive one within my very first Yumetwins box. Additionally, the one Alpacasso I had been desperate to add to my cute plushies collection was the little rainbow guy. And I got him. It felt like fate. I love rainbows. Almost anything that is rainbow designed I seek to own, particularly clothing. Is this not just the cutest plush? I had to put him at the forefront of the box’s content images, as above.

The stationary within this month’s box was right up my street. Not only because I have a bit of a stationary addiction, but also due to the super cute designs. At 30 years old, I am not ashamed to admit I still love cute stationary.


The Gudetama Limp Mascot is surprisingly cute. It comes in its own little egg box and is squishy, really squishy. So delicately squishy that I fear I may burst it. This is one item that I will not be re-gifting, it will join the eclectic collect

ion of figures currently sitting on my desk. It also acts as an excellent stress ball.

I am grateful that I received the little blue bear from the Shinada fluffy animal plush collection, as I was not too keen on the appearance of the other potentials except for the rabbit.[2] One item I am really grateful I did not receive is the creepy face version of the Re-Ment Mare Sweets Mascot that was in my box.

However, the version I got looked like a Swiss roll with bright red collagen lips. It was so freaky (to me) that I only had it out the box for a few seconds before quickly storing it away again. I could not bear to take an individual picture of it. I am a wimp, I know. It was not until I read the description of each item within the pamphlet provided that I learned the little cake mascot thing I received is from a popular TV show. Despite this new knowledge, I honestly was a little freaked out and would have been more so had I got the character face thing.[3] As I have said in previous posts, faces and eyes manufactured for toys can scare the hell out of me.

In summary:

Overall, I loved my Yumetwins subscription box and I do perceive the box to be good value for money. However, after some hit and miss boxes from other suppliers, I have now learned that one good box does not equate to an overall value for money subscription service. Thus, I will wait until I receive another couple of parcels before I evaluate whether to continue this service. Although, so far so good with regards to value for money, particularly because all the items I received were branded products. Knock-offs are really not my bag!

On a personal level, I appreciated the effort put into the August Yumetwins box and thoroughly enjoyed the items received. This adds to my opinion that the box is good value for money. On this note, I would recommend this subscription service. Particularly to those who are fans of kawaii and anime products[4] and are in search of a box that will deliver quality items at a value for money price. Finally, I am looking forward to my next parcel and I would love to receive in a future box some Chococat or My Melody products.

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[1] As stated on their website.

[2] I had previously seen the other critters included in the box via Instagram

[3] I am not the best at describing things, check Instagram for the mascot’s and it will be very apparent which character item I am referring to.

[4] previous boxes featured anime items from shows such as Sailor Moon.


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