My Little Pony Box: July 2016 [Review]

When I stumbled across this little beauty of a subscription box I could not believe my luck. I had been searching for a subscription box that contained My Little Pony (MLP) products that did not involve signing up to a kid’s subscription service such as NerdBlockJr. As it is not financially viable for me to subscribe to a service solely for the possibility of receiving one MLP item, especially as I would not have any use for the remaining products. Although the items within boxes such as NerdBlockJr do look cute, I would be left with a lot of unusable brick-a-brac cluttering up house space. Thus, you can imagine my excitement, as a huge MLP fan, when I came across a subscription service that sends out MLP focussed boxes.

I must admit that after having seen past MLP boxes, both adult and junior, I am tempted to sign up the junior box too. I want a pony plushie! Which I have not seen given in the adult’s box.

General House-Keeping:

The MLP Box is a subsidy service provided by is an online base for MLP Bronies[1] dedicated to all things relating to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise. The site has an online shop selling MLP merchandise and a blog area filled with the latest MLP news and releases. The subscription box and sign up can be found here.

The box retails at $9.99 plus shipping (USA: $3.25, International: $6.85). When converted into GBP the grand total for the box and shipping equates to around £12.69. Each box promises to provide one to two items of officially licensed MLP merchandise. The items within the box are promised to value between $20-$25. In British pounds this translates to around £15.06-£18.83. On this price excluding shipping, the promised value of products is a prima facie bargain.

At this stage, I will note that I have found their customer service skills lacking. As stated on their website, tracking is provided when each box is shipped. The site also states that each box is shipped at the end of the month. Based on these assertions, I waited until the first week of August was almost over before I queried my box’s shipment, as I had neither received a shipment notification nor shipment tracking details.

The email response I received offered the evasive and sweeping statement ‘boxes were only shipped on the 29th of July’.  Fantastic. May I ask the position of MY box, as this is what I emailed about in the first place? Silence. Alarm bells started to ring, particularly as at this point the company had been competent enough to take the next month’s payment, yet could not provide a definitive position as to my first box. Cue social media scouring where there existed multiple customer’s complaining about the same issue. At least I was not alone. However, this did not ease my anxiety. I had no further knowledge about my box until it arrived near the end of August.

Although I received my package in the end and it had in fact been sent on the 29th of July, the customer service and somewhat lacklustre running of the business on social platforms is a little concerning. I would urge anyone thinking about subscribing to this box to consider this point and weigh it up against the fact that this is a fairly new service when deciding to commence a subscription. I will continue mine for the next few months in the hope that the service improves.

The Box:

The July MLP Box contained: A Rainbow Dash onesie and a cardboard cut-out Twilight Sparkle face mask. I am assuming the mask was just a filler and as such will not discuss it further here, as it is just thin cardboard with the eye area of Twilight Sparkle’s face.

Opening the box, I was overjoyed when I saw a fluffy folded mass in front of me. ‘Was it a hoodie? An oversized jumper? Whatever it was, it looked cosy.’ It was a Rainbow Dash onesie! I am not a fan of Rainbow Dash at all, usually my heart sinks when I receive something or see a franchise item I like donning this particular character. This is despite the fact that I love rainbows and usually need to own anything to do with them. However, this time I was not disappointed in the slightest. Excitement far exceeded any potential grumblings.


The onesie’s material is of excellent quality. It is super soft and very well made. The best part of the onesie’s functionality for me is the fact that it actually fits my height; as I am just under 6ft, the leg area of most onesies ride above my ankles.

The back of the onesie has little embroidered wings 🙂

With regards to value for money re cost of the box versus the contents, the July MLP Box withstood the monetary test. The onesie retails at approximately £35[2] (around $49) and as such, its inclusion within the MLP Box makes the subscription excellent value for money. Even including shipping the box is a bargain.

In Summary:

As this is a relatively new service, I will curb my negative grumblings for the interim so as to give the company the benefit of the doubt and time to find their feet. Hopefully they will start to provide shipment details, as this would make the whole purchase process feel a lot more secure. In addition, such communication with customers could raise the service’s profile to a professional status.

I wait in anticipation for my next box.

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[1] A phrase colloquially attached to male MLP fans. The term Brony is actually unisex and as such, I use the title to refer to both male and female MLP fans.

[2] Average price based on Amazon and Truffleshuffle store’s retail prices


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