Pink Parcel: August 2016 [Subscription Box Review]

As discussed in my previous post, I have been struggling with my mental health quite a bit lately and as such, subscription box reviews and Lush were put on the back burner. I am now playing catch up with reviews and trying to complete posts I commenced writing months ago (including this one). I apologise for this. However, slowly but surely I am getting caught up with reviews and *fingers crossed* I will be able to keep all of you up to date with the box reviews. I also some ideas of expansion for this blog, so keep your peepers peeped!

I have also fallen behind with reviewing due to the fact that I always strive to ensure my reviews are as honest and comprehensive as possible; which takes me a long time to do. Hence, I have a lot of reviews ‘under-construction’, as they had been started months ago.

Anyways, I enjoyed August’s Pink Parcel and thankfully, unlike July’s Pink Parcel, I did not find it a dud. The best bits about August’s box were: the vegan jelly sweets and the contouring themed makeup items.

General House-Keeping:

Pink Parcel can be subscribed to via the following website: Currently, the company are offering a first-time subscription price of £.6.99, thereafter the box will be £.10.50 inclusive of UK delivery – Bargain price already! International delivery is not available at present.

How the box works: The parcel’s arrival is scheduled in relation to the days of your menstrual cycle, arriving in time for your period. During the initial subscription stage, you are given the option to select which sanitary products you require.  For example, you can select between tampons or towels, as well as whether they are to cater for heavy or light periods. Essentially the box is tailored to your personal menstrual needs. This means no more being caught short as you’ll always have a generous supply to spread storage between various locations.

The Box Itself:

The image below shows the contents of August’s box:


The contents provided were: Teapigs Matcha Green Tea; Jealous Sweets; Sunkissed Shimmer Dust Brush; So Susan Haute Light Pencil; Cougar Beauty 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick; SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate; Emily Fruit Crisps and an Estella Bartlett Bracelet.

The Products:

As always, I discuss the products in chronological order of my favourites.

Jealous Sweets: 50g Box


I know it may seem obscure for sweets to be a favourite item, considering all the other pretty, multiuse products that were within August’s box. However, I was most excited about the sweets because not only do I love jelly sweeties, but they are vegan jelly sweets! This means they contain no gelatine. Woohoo, guilt free munch time. I received a box of Jealous’ Grizzly Bears – delish.

The Grizzly Bears are the best tasting vegan jelly sweets I have tried to date. Seriously. Think tastier, larger and extra squidgy Haribo. I have and will continue to purchase more.

The above discussed sweets retail for £2.50 for a 50g box. You can purchase the Grizzly Bears and other such sweets at

Estella Bartlett Bracelet:


This is so pretty; I love the fact it resembles a rope. It is delicately chunky. The bracelet retails for £12.99 and can be purchased from

So Susan Haute Light Pencil:


I absolutely adore this highlighting pencil! Despite the fact that I am not the best at makeup application, when I conducted a trial run to see if the pencil actually fulfilled its highlighting promises I noticed a visible improvement to facial areas that were in need of some TLC. Areas such as my eyebags :-/

Most importantly, the company advocate that their products and ingredients within those products are vegan and cruelty free. Hence, why I trialled it in the first place. This is another win in favour of Pink Parcel, as they continue to include vegan cosmetics within their boxes. Thank you, guys!

Retails for £14.95 and can be purchased from

Finally, the company offer a subscription box containing full size products. Free worldwide shipping is also offered with the box. I am genuinely considering signing up.

Cougar Beauty 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick:


This lipstick was a new product ready for commercial release, the initial release of which was exclusive to Pink Parcel. Four shades were available to Pink Parcel subscribers and I received ‘Mulberry’. The colour is not one I would naturally be drawn to. However, I appreciate its inclusion as I have discovered a new shade that suits my skin tone. ‘Mulberry’ is a rich brown colour with reddish hues.

Cougar advertise this as a long-lasting lipstick and I have to agree. Once it had dried on my lips, its prominent colour stayed there for a good few hours. Even after the initial colour impact started to wear off my lips, some colour remained. I would definitely recommend this lipstick.

The Cougar company advertise themselves as a cruelty free brand, displaying the ‘Bunny’ logo.

Retails for £15 and can be purchased from

Sunkissed Shimmer Dust Brush:


I have never been a huge fan of tanning/bronzing products, as I prefer the ‘pale and interesting’ look. However, I have recently and *secretly* succumbed to the current contouring craze. As such, this bronzing brush really tweaked my interest. But before I would even consider testing its contouring abilities, I had to check out the company’s animal testing policy.[1]

The company state the following:

None of our products are tested on animals!

We are pleased to certify that all manufactured goods made in or exported from our factories and their subsidiaries are duly free from any animal testing.

There are no such test facilities, nor test procedures for animal testing in our chosen factories.

We comply with the ban on animal testing imposed through The Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 2004.

All our Cosmetic Products are designed, developed and produced in accordance with The Cosmetic Product (Safety) Regulations 2004 which implement the European Cosmetic Safety Regulations in the UK.’

 For a full explanation of what this means, visit for official legislative guidance  relating to The Cosmetic Product (Safety) Regulations 2004, particularly pp.9-12.

On this assertion from the company, in combination with the above legislative guidance, I feel comfortable using this product.

If I have missed something important with regards to any products discussed on this blog in re animal testing policies/practices, please let me know.

The brush retails for £4.99 and can be purchased from

Other Products:


A 100ml bottle of SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate retails for £12. As Pink Parcel included a 10ml sample size of this product, I am unsure how much monetary value to apply to it.

The fruit crisps retail for £1.49 and the tea as part of a bundle of 14 servings retails for £11.90. Dividing the £11.90 by 14 equates to 85p per serving.


In sum, I am overjoyed with August’s Pink Parcel. There were plenty of cruelty free products to be sampled, many of which were in a completely new cosmetic category for me. I also love the consistency factor of Pink Parcel, whereby there are always edible and drinkable treats to enjoy at a crappy time of the month. As someone who has always dreaded the arrival of their period due to endometriosis, Pink Parcel has lessened this dread slightly with their monthly package. As its arrival gives me something to look forward to. On this basis, I would especially recommend Pink Parcel to those who, for whatever reason, need a cheer up around the time of their period.

In terms of value for money, the contents of August’s box far exceeded the subscription cost. This has been the case with every box I have received thus far. Consequently, I feel confident asserting that Pink Parcel is continuously one of the best value for money subscription boxes available.

[1] When I refer to animal testing policy, I am not merely talking about a company’s compliance with the EU’s ban on the testing final stage cosmetic products on animals. As such a statement is insufficient to convince me to use a product. I also look at elements such as, compliance with the ban on ingredients for cosmetic purposes being tested on animals in combination with a company’s trading policy with regards to suppliers of ingredients used. Transparency is key; however, I appreciate that such transparency is not always easy to obtain and as such, sometimes trust and personal judgment have to come into play.


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