Geeky Clean Crate: November 2016 [Subscription Box Review]


November’s Geeky Clean Crate was my first crate from this UK based subscription service and the contents within the box did not disappoint. I have to admit that I subscribed to the Geeky Clean Crate with much trepidation, as a long-term Lushie I felt guilty about using another brand of bath products. In addition, I was concerned that the standard of quality I am used to with Lush Cosmetics products would mean I could not enjoy such non-Lush products as much, as Lush have set a high benchmark in this regard. On the latter trepidation element, I have to admit that whilst my heart lies with Lush, I did really enjoy the goodies the Geeky Clean Crate provided. These goodies are discussed later. The aforementioned guilt is not so easy to dispel, as this is only about the second time in the last 8 years I have used non-Lush bath and body products.

However, the compelling counter to my trepidation is the fact that I love discovering and supporting small businesses. When it comes to supporting small businesses that fall within the cosmetics category, I only ever endorse/support those who produce cruelty-free products.[1] I am predominantly drawn to vegan cosmetic companies. Thus, after some digging around, I signed up to Geeky Clean Crate as their products are vegan. Plus, they also include a handmade candle within their monthly box. And in my opinion, you can never have too many candles – ha-ha! But I digress.

Overall, I was super happy with my first Geeky Clean Crate in terms of: value for money, as well as the look, quality and smell of the products. In fact, the majority of the products ticked my fussy ‘like’ boxes to such an extent that I have been unable to choose a favourite. The crate is discussed below.

General House-Keeping:

As stated earlier, Geeky Clean Crate is a UK based subscription service. The sign up to which can be found here. The main Geeky Clean website offers a vast range of handmade cosmetic and home products in addition to the crate itself.

Every month the crate and its items correspond to a pre-disclosed theme. For example, November’s box was ‘Suds and Spells’ and December’s theme will be ‘Holly Days’.

Each box will contain: a candle; a bath bomb; a soap and two mystery items. I love the fact that mystery products are included. All products within the crate are miniature versions of products available on the site (subject to availability). On this note, the site states that the miniatures are a great way to try out new products. I agree with this assertion and as such, I will be buying full size versions of a couple of the items.

The crate itself costs £15. UK shipping for this parcel was £4.95. According to the website, all packages up to one kg have the same flat rate shipping price. Although I could not find a domestic shipping cost for the crate I am going to assume postage for my next parcel will be the same.

Similarly, although the site notes that international shipping is offered, it does not provide any further information. If I have not navigated the site properly in my search for definitive shipping costs, or at least approximates, I apologise. Otherwise, I think it may be beneficial for some sort of shipping cost examples to be provided. That way, customers can better evaluate whether to subscribe or not. For example, if the shipping costs for a 1kg package (both domestic and international) were to be provided, I am sure this would offer some clarity. This is just a small niggle and from my perspective, it does not detract from the quality and value of the box as a whole.

The Box Itself:


November’s crate contained: Bubblegum and Candy Floss room spray; Blueberries and Green Apple Bubbling Bath Soak; Chocolate scented frog shaped soap; a rose scented lip balm and a Florally Sweet Vanilla candle.

Room Spray:


The smell this spray offers is absolutely glorious. The bubblegum and candy floss aromas are distinctly noticeable. However, they also blend together beautifully to create a syrupy sweet and long-lasting scent.

The bubblegum element reminds me of Hubba Bubba’s ‘Original’ flavour that was available until sometime in the 1990s. As the spray offers that traditional and well-known bubblegum scent I am sure comes to the mind of most people when they think of bubblegum. Whilst the candy floss element is also as you would expect. It has the fluffy powdered sugar aroma just like the candy floss you can buy at fun fairs. Amazing!

One thing I will say about this product is that sometimes good things do come in small packages! As although the size of bottle I received is classed as a miniature, the bottle’s contents are incredibly concentrated. As such, a little goes a very long way. I absolutely adore this spray. I adore it so much that I intend to have a bottle just for my car to keep it fresh.

I am aware the car comment may seem strange. However, the reason I will be getting a bottle for my car is a combination of the fact that one of my OCD ‘quirks’ is an intense fear/paranoia relating to bad smells,[2] and because my car is my most prized possession that I actively try to keep smelling as sweet as possible. It currently has 10 air fresheners dotted throughout it. One of these sprays will be the perfect addition.

If you are a fan of deliciously scented room sprays and candles, I highly recommend you check out the main Geeky Clean website.

The Candle:


Okies, so its confession time. I have managed to misplace the card that came with the box detailing the contents inside. Thus, I cannot remember the name of this candle and I do not have access to a list of the ingredients used. As such, you will all have to rely on my description abilities – apologies.

I will start with the easy components to discuss, namely, the candle’s physical and functional properties. Although the image above does not provide the best imagery of the candle’s aesthetics, that orangey/brown mass on top of the candle is actually a rich gold shimmer. The shimmer compliments the candle’s exotically sweet aroma (discussed later).

Once burning, the candle’s smell filled the room. The scent was strong enough to be noticeable throughout its duration in use, but it was not potently strong. The candle’s scent resembles an exotic flower/vanilla infusion. Whereby the floral elements provide a deep and warming aroma that is sweetened and enriched by the use of vanilla. I am assuming it is vanilla that provides the sweetness to the candle.

Chocolate Scented Frog Shaped soap:

This soap really does smell as deliciously edible as it looks. It has the most wonderful aroma of very creamy milk chocolate. Not yucky Cadburys ‘creamy’ style chocolate. But similar to the good stuff you would get from somewhere such as Switzerland. Or like a scrummy Belgian chocolate. Its texture resembles chocolate too. It is so smooth and dense that you can tell that it will provide a good lather. And good lather it did!

Function wise, this soap is perfect in my opinion. As it lathers up a treat. I was pleasantly surprised it foamed up as much as it did, as Geeky Clean state the ingredients used in their soaps are SLS free. As such, I was not expecting much lather because SLS is an ingredient base known to encourage foaming properties in certain type of cosmetic products; such as soap.

Rose Scented Lip Balm:


This lip balm is the most stunning of colours. Perhaps I am a little biased on the colour front, as turquoise is my favourite colour.

Function wise: It is soft and glides on smoothly, it is not greasy or sticky feeling in the slightest. However, it is unlikely I will use it because a rose tasting lip balm is not for me.

Bubbling Bath Soak:


I am not quite sure where to start with the blueberries and apple bubbling bath soak. As I do not know if it is supposed to bubble under running water and I used it wrong, or if it is just called a bubbling bath soak. Either way it smelt lovely. However, it did not soften the water as I hoped it would. This last statement is just a personal preference.

The scent it offers was present for the duration of the bath. Although I did not see any colour change to the water as was shown on Instagram. Perhaps this is because I only put half of the soak in the bath and this was an insufficient amount to use against a tub full of water.


For many reasons, I thought the November crate was fantastic. First, the products are vegan. Second, the products smell good enough to eat. Third, not all the items included were bath products. The inclusion of homewares and lip balm were a very welcome addition. Fourth and finally, the clear product quality and variety meant that (in my opinion) the crate was good value for money. This is despite the fact that the products were not full-sized. As in addition, the sheer enjoyment and excitement I felt in relation to the box’s contents meant the subjective value added another level to the ‘value for money test’.

As the products included within the box were miniatures of full sized products that have been/are available on the site, I opted not to approximate monetary values for the included items. As I would hate to financially devalue the products.

I know the concept of receiving miniature sized products for a £15 plus shipping price tag may be off-putting. However, do not be put off by this, as the quality of the majority of the products is very good. In addition, vegan products generally retail for a little more than average partially due to the ingredients used. This is particularly the case through a combination of the current economic climate and where producers of cosmetic products are rightfully picky about who their suppliers are.

Do you or are you considering subscribing to Geeky Clean Crate?

If you would like to see more subscription box reviews, please subscribe to this blog.

[1] When I refer to animal testing policy/’cruelty-free’, I am not merely talking about a company’s compliance with the EU’s ban on the testing final stage cosmetic products on animals. As such a statement is insufficient to convince me to use a product. I also look at elements such as, compliance with the ban on ingredients for cosmetic purposes being tested on animals in combination with a company’s trading policy with regards to suppliers of ingredients used. Transparency is key; however, I appreciate that such transparency is not always easy to obtain and as such, sometimes trust and personal judgment have to come into play.

[2] Seriously, I am constantly terrified that I smell bad or that I will encounter a bad smell. I cannot cope with bad smells, in the past I have been known to spray strangers I regard as ‘smelly’ with one of the many cans of body spray that live constantly in my bag. Rude and offensive, I know!


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