Pink Parcel: October 2016 [Subscription Box Review]


I would like to begin this review with an apology for still being so far behind in my subscription box reviews. As I am still trying to catch up on so many reviews (as well as Lush based writings), I will keep this one short and sweet. By focussing on the products minus most of my ramblings, ha-ha!

October’s Pink Parcel offered great value for money, as he contents within the box far exceeded the subscription price. As has been the case with each box I have received thus far. It is also a key reason as to why I continue my subscription, as despite the company’s well-deserved growth, they have not skimped on the quality of products offered. In addition, unlike previous boxes, I did not find October’s box to be a dud (for me).

General House-Keeping:

Pink Parcel can be subscribed to via the following website: Currently, the company are offering a first-time subscription price of £.6.99, thereafter the box will be £.10.50 inclusive of UK delivery – Bargain price already! International delivery is not available at present.

How the box works: The parcel’s arrival is scheduled in relation to the days of your menstrual cycle, arriving in time for your period. During the initial subscription stage, you are given the option to select which sanitary products you require.  For example, you can select between tampons or towels, as well as whether they are to cater for heavy or light periods. Essentially the box is tailored to your personal menstrual needs. This means no more being caught short as you’ll always have a generous supply to spread storage between various locations.

The Box Itself:

The image below shows the contents of October’s Pink Parcel:


This month the following products were in the box: The customary, very generous bundle of sanitary products; We Are Tea ‘Soothe’ teabag; Tipple Tales Coco Bazaar cake slice; Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm; Barry M Eyeshadow; Vita Coco Coconut Oil; Sass Purifying Cleanser; Dr Paw Paw Clear Balm; Anatomicals Face Mask and a Rare Nail Polish Set. A copious number of goodies, for sure!

As always, I discuss the products in chronological order, starting with my favourites.

The Products:

Dr Paw Paw Clear Balm:


There is zero information on the Dr Paw Paw website detailing whether all of their products are cruelty free. Although a quick search seems to suggest that at least some of the products are vegan, including this one. This balm is lovely and leaves little to no sticky residue on the hands after use.

Retail price: £6.95

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm:


I was super excited for the inclusion of this make-up remover. As shockingly for someone who loves make-up as much as I do, I never seem to have any make-up remover in the house. Instead, I have a very bad habit of just leaving it on (sometimes for an unidentified number of days, mood dependent). My skin felt nourished after I had tested it.

In terms of whether the brand is cruelty free, the company offer the following statement of their website:

Do you test products on animals?

No we do not and we have been assured that our ingredient suppliers do not either’

A 100ml tube retails for £16.50 and can be purchased at As I received a sample size, I am unsure how to price it.

Rare Nail Polish Set:


This nail polish set is absolutely stunning! Although I do not use nail polish personally, I appreciate its inclusion because it is beautiful to look at and I know it will make my sister happy this Christmas when I pop it in her stocking.

Retails for: £11.95 and can be purchased from

Barry M Eyeshadow + Sass Purifying Cleanser:


When I was in my teens I loved Barry M products and the inclusion of this bad boy takes me back to that time. Well, except for the colour which is most definitely not my bag.

The eyeshadow retails for £2.99 at

The cleanser is a 10ml sample size.

Anatomicals Face Mask, Vita Coco Coconut Oil, We Are Tea ‘Soothe’ teabag:


The face mask retails for £3 and can be purchased from

The coconut oil and tea bag were sample sized and as such, no definitive prices are available. I will hazard a guess at around £1 for both. They can be purchased from the following sites, and, respectively.

Tipple Tales Coco Bazaar cake slice:

This looked amazing and it was squidgy to the touch; suggesting it was a gloriously moist sponge. However, as I cannot abide fruit in sweet treats, it is a case of ‘no, just, no’ for me. It did look delicious though.

I am unsure how to price this as the only prices that appear to be available are for bulk purchases. The cakes can be purchased at


Pink Parcel constantly offers good value for money and October’s box was no different. Once again, the value of the contents far outweighed the subscription price. As such, I am confident in asserting that Pink Parcel is continuously one of the best value for money subscription boxes available.

I love the consistency factor of Pink Parcel, whereby there are always edible and drinkable treats to enjoy at a crappy time of the month. As someone who has always dreaded the arrival of their period due to endometriosis, Pink Parcel has lessened this dread slightly with their monthly package. As its arrival gives me something to look forward to. On this basis, I would especially recommend Pink Parcel to those who, for whatever reason, need a cheer up around the time of their period.

Do you subscribe to Pink Parcel? Or are you considering whether to subscribe?

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