Spooky Box Club: Voodoo Box [Subscription Box Review]

Brighter image displaying the box’s contents is given below.


When the Spooky Box Club first announced the Voodoo theme for its monthly box on their Instagram, I was filled with a lot of anxious trepidation. As a person with OCD, one of the afflictions caused by the OCD is superstitions. As crazy as it sounds, anything to do with voodoo and curses falls into my superstition anxieties; the very thought makes my heart race and I then come up with security rituals of my own. The way my OCD operates can sound insane, I know. Anyways, I decided to challenge my fears by paying for the Voodoo box and allowing it to arrive. Although I had lots of catastrophic ‘what ifs’ whizz through my head, I am glad I challenged myself as the jewellery that was in the box was stunning. In sum, despite offering a theme that caused me great anxiety, I love the Spooky Box Club and the Voodoo box was no exception!

General House-Keeping:

The Spooky Box Club is a UK based subscription service providing their customers with an exclusive range of ‘alternative lifestyle goods with an emphasis on cute, witchy, gothic, interests and styles.’

As each box contains 8+ items made by various manufacturers, it can take 6 to 8 weeks from your initial payment until you receive your first box. After this initial delay, the boxes generally arrive consecutively each month. However, sometimes boxes can take a little longer to dispatch and receive. This delay is for the same reason given above re your initial payment. Due to the aforementioned box time periods, the Spooky Box Club do not offer specific dispatch dates for their boxes. Instead a countdown timer is offered on their website which gives an estimated shipping date.

Currently, the Spooky Box Club operates a ‘subscription’ and a pre-order service. The purpose of the pre-order service is to allow customers the option to ‘skip’ a box where the theme does not take their fancy. Consequently, this removes the hassle of rotating between subscribing and unsubscribing to avoid receipt of certain boxes. For me, I just keep the subscription rolling on, as there is usually something I love.

The monthly cost of the box is £21 plus £3.98 UK delivery. International delivery is charged at £14.50. Boxes can be purchased here. In addition, the company donate a percentage of each box sold to charity.

The Voodoo box can be purchased here.

The Box Itself:


Spooky Boxes have a different theme each month, for example the theme that followed the Voodoo Box was the Blood Moon box.

The Voodoo Box contained the following items: Black Magic Glitter Garland; Pair of Mini Skull Candles; Skull Cup Enamel Pin; Potion Patch; Statement Glitter Voodoo Necklace; Voodoo Doll Key Charm; Bracelet and Two Collectable Charms; Gourmet Lollipop and an Art Print.

All of the above items were custom made for the Voodoo box.

Statement Glitter Voodoo Necklace:


This stunning necklace is surprisingly heavy and is of very high quality. The fact that the necklace is a piece handcrafted solely for Spooky Boxes makes it all the more special. The necklace is my favourite item from the Voodoo box. I love its glittery wording. Glitter is just awesome.

Potion Patch and Skull Cup Enamel Pin:


There is no such thing as too many pins and patches attached to your clothing and accessories.

Pair of Mini Skull Candles:


These little guys are too cute to use. The candles were gift-wrapped in a gorgeous little bag filled with skull sequins. I will be giving these to a friend for her birthday, as she loves skull designs.

Bracelet and Two Collectable Charms:


This is so pretty.

Voodoo Doll Key Charm:


I am sorry, but just no. This charm really freaks me out.

Finally, thank you Spooky Box Club for always popping a lollipop in the box. The lollies are so tasty. And thank you for the other items too!


Whilst I did not enjoy the Voodoo box and its contents as much as the Vampire and Haunted Library Boxes, I really appreciated the items I did like. Despite the box not being a favourite of mine, the contents of the box make it good value for money. Granted, this value for money may not be to the same extent of previous boxes.

Due to the fact that all items are custom made for Spooky Box Club boxes, monetary values are difficult to decipher. However, based on the exclusive, high quality and handcrafted nature of the products given, I highly recommend the Spooky Box Club as providers of excellent value for money. This confident assertion is despite the fact that I am aware that estimating the value of Spooky Box Club boxes is purely subjective.

The Spooky Box Club is perfect for fans of the alternative/gothic scenes, as well as those who enjoy filling their home with non-generic handmade goodies.

As stated earlier, there can be a long wait between making your initial payment and receiving your first box. So, if you like to know precise shipping dates and seek a speedy dispatch after purchase, the Spooky Box Club may not be for you. I personally do not mind waiting for my box, as the items inside are so unique and well-crafted that I find the box is worth waiting for.

Do you subscribe to Spooky Box Club? How do you think Spooky Box Club compares to other gothic/alternative subscription services?



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