My Little Pony Box: November/December 2016 [Subscription Box Review]


I have put November/December in the title of this review, as I received two boxes a couple of days apart and I cannot decipher whether they were sent as a single month or two separate months. As both of the boxes seem to have been posted on the same day. This postage would suggest that the parcels were for November and their arrival had been delayed by Christmas post. If I am wrong and these two boxes were for November and December respectively, I will update this review accordingly.

Assuming at least one of these packages were for November, then I have to say that the November My Little Pony Box (MLP Box) was the best yet. As one of the packages contained an absolutely awesome item.

General House-Keeping:

The MLP Box is a subsidy service provided by is an online base for MLP Bronies.[1] This base is predominantly dedicated to all things relating to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise. The site has an online shop selling MLP merchandise and a blog area filled with the latest MLP news and releases. The subscription box and sign up can be found here.

The box retails at $9.99 plus shipping (USA: $3.25, International: $6.85). When converted into GBP the grand total for the box including shipping equates to around £12.69. Each box promises to provide one to two items of officially licensed MLP merchandise. The items within the box are promised to value between $20-$25. In British pounds this translates to around £15.06-£18.83. On this price excluding shipping, the promised value of products is a prima facie bargain.

Furthermore, in my July MLP Box review I made reference to the slow shipping and poor communication from the company’s customer services. In reference to the slow shipping, I take back my first grumble, as each box I have received since has arrived around a week after the stated shipping date.[2]In addition, I now also take back my later grumblings re poor communication, as for the November/December box I received a shipping notification. Thank you MLP Box!

I really like this box and its contents, and for this reason I intend to continue my subscription for the foreseeable future.

The Box Itself:

Rainbow Dash Hoodie:

Oh my fucking G. This was an amazing item to receive, ever since I started subscribing to MLP Box there have been two items I really wanted. The items were: a hoodie and a plushie. Finally, I have a hoodie. I love it so much that I do not care that it is a hoodie featuring my least favourite character, Rainbow Dash. I am still holding out for some Twilight Sparkle featured goodies.

This retails on the website for 19.99 USD (approx.16.37 GBP), this is the website’s sale price.

Collectors Cards, Tumbler and Squishy Pony:

I apologise for not posting a picture of the items. I will update with a picture soon.

If the above three items had been sent on their own, I would have been furious. As although I really like the tumbler and the squishy toy is cute, these items could not justify the subscription price. Despite the fact that the subscription cost is not expensive. Nevertheless, they are great add-ons to the main item, aka the hoodie and in this context I am very grateful for them.


The November (/December?) MLP Box was the best I have received to date. The contents were fantastic and when their monetary value was evaluated together, the box was good value for money. But the real star of the show was the hoodie.

I highly recommend this box for: fans of all things cute; any MLP fan; Brony and even ‘old school’ My Little Pony fans who remember the first few generations of My Little Pony. I include the latter because who does not love a bit of nostalgia? Even if it is a fairly revamped version.

Do you subscribe to MLP Box? Or, have you subscribed previously? I would love to hear your thoughts on the MLP Box.

Please subscribe to this blog if you enjoyed this review and would like to see more.


[1] A phrase colloquially attached to male MLP fans. The term Brony is actually unisex and as such, I use the it to refer to both male and female MLP fans.

[2] The website states that boxes are shipped at the end of each month.


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