Roller Bath Bomb [Review]


  Up until the release of Roller bath bomb as part of Lush Cosmetics’ valentines range I had little desire to purchase one. As it shared its scent with Lush’s Yummy Mummy range,[1] and sometimes the smell of certain products within the series can make me feel queasy.  So, when I finally got around to purchasing and subsequently trying Roller, I was awestruck by its sweetly soft scent and fantastic display. Literally. Awestruck.


Is this just not the most vibrant and stunning show ever?’

   As Roller bath bomb is a Lush product, it was inevitable that I would give into temptation and but one (*ahem* three) despite potential nausea. As I can never resist the temptation that emanates from Lush products. Thus, I am so glad that I purchased Roller because it is now in my list of top five Lush bath bombs. Roller’s bath display beauty speaks for itself.

   Scent wise I was very pleasantly surprised. Whilst Roller very clearly belongs to the Yummy Mummy scent range, it is much milder and there are detectable fudgy notes to it. As such, I am absolutely gutted that I only purchased three of them. For the rest of this piece I am going to let the images speak for themselves. Such perfection is Roller bath bomb.

[1] A fruity aroma that has added richness to it by ingredients such as, geranium oil and Tonka absolute.


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