Mother Earth Bath Bomb: [Review]

   Mother Earth bath bomb is the latest addition to Lush Cosmetics’ limited edition large bath bomb range. Weight and size wise it is close to four times bigger than a regular Lush bath bomb.



    The aroma Mother Earth produces is a very gentle one. From first sniff, the inclusion of peppermint oil results in a noticeable mint fragrance. However, unlike other minty Lush products such as, Freeze shower gel and Intergalactic bath bomb, the mint presence is very light; similar to Trebor Soft Mint sweets. The inclusion of Siberian Pine Nut Oil most likely contributes to the soft mint properties of Mother Earth bath bomb, as its nutty aroma counters the peppermint oil’s aromatic strength by adding a creamy dimension.


   Being the nature loving hippy that I am, I like to imagine that Mother Earth bath bomb has been created with the purpose of resonating elements that so frequently come into mind when one thinks of ‘Our Mother Earth’. That is, a loving and gentle presence that provides habitats, water and other resources for all that is living.

   Where Mother Earth lacks in powerful scent, it most certainly makes up for in display. With its glorious pale blue and green casing and pink surprise in the middle, this beauty creates delicious creamy waters.

   I am not surprised this ball of loveliness is almost eternally sold out online, as it truly is a piece of artistic perfection. If you are able to, I wholeheartedly recommend you treat yourself to this magnificent piece of Lush-ship.


2 thoughts on “Mother Earth Bath Bomb: [Review]

  1. Aw thank you so much, it means a lot 😊 💕 It’s crazy how fast it kept selling out. The only other bath bomb I’ve known to do that is Roller. I’m currently planning a couple of giveaways on here and Instagram, and one of them will include a Mother Earth 😊 xx


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