Lord of the Baths: The Fellowship of the Tub [Lush Cosmetics Bath Cocktail Recipe]

One night (during yet another bout of insomnia) I was curled up on the sofa, surrounded by lots of fluffy cushions whilst watching ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ (LOTR) for the umpteenth time when the idea of LOTR themed Lush bath cocktails came to me. As the LOTR is a not so hidden obsession of mine, I could not believe I had not thought of it before. I mean, I create themed cocktails for other books and things that I like and yet I had not created one for my beloved LOTR. Silly me!

As the Fellowship of the Ring is more ‘chilled’ in terms of scenery, elven realms and less big fights than the following two books/films,[1] I went with earthy, soothing and downright magical bath bombs for this Lush bath cocktail recipe. Each offering visual and aromatic representations of the elements that encapsulate the first part of the LOTR trilogy.

The ingredients used to formulate this recipe were: Guardian of the Forest, Twilight and Intergalactic bath bombs. Plus, a little Twilight shower gel to create some bubbles. This Lush Cocktail Recipe is the first in a three-part series so as to hold true to Tolkien’s LOTR.


Guardian of the Forest:


Although I have owned this Guardian of the Forest bath bomb (alongside a few others) since its initial release, this is my first time using one. As I have said previously, I am not an earthy aroma kind of gal. This said, after seeing so many gorgeous pictures of it in action on social media I have longed to try it out. As such, it was the first ingredient to be added to the Lush cocktail, discussed below.


Guardian of the Forest will take you to the realm of the Lothlorien elves. As aside from the enchanted woodland it visually represents, it is how I suspect such a mystical wood that is thick in greenery would smell. Guardian of the Forest has a rich grassy aroma, almost like freshly cut grass that has been rained upon. There is, however, another dimension to its scent that elevates this bath bomb beyond being a freshly cut grass aroma and into a mystical woodland dimension. This added depth derives from the use of oakmoss absolute, which has the scent of freshly softened soil in a forest after a heavy downpour of rain. Oakmaoss absolute is known as mother nature’s hidden secret[2] and as such, its inclusion as an ingredient in Guardian of the Forest makes the bath bomb a perfect representation of the Lothlorien realm. As Galadriel is a hidden gem within the Lorien woods.

The green hues are phenomenal!

Ingredients and health benefits of Guardian of the Forest:

Oakmoss absolute operates as a soothing anti-inflammatory for irritated skin. Whilst the cypress oil helps to calm anxiety. Thus, not only is Guardian of the Forest beautiful in the water to look at, but it has many soothing properties for both mental and physical health. The next ingredient added to this Lush cocktail recipe is Twilight bath bomb.

Twilight Bath Bomb:


Twilight bath bomb represents both the relaxing and somewhat sleepy Shire and the elven realm of Rivendell. As both are regions of tranquillity in their own way. The Shire being a relatively uneventful place to reside, with its hobbit holes and fresh greenery. And Rivendell, a place of great power, elegant visual magnificence and healing. When considering these characteristics, the one Lush product that stood out from the crowd was Twilight bath bomb.


Unfortunately, this Twilight bath bomb created more bubbles than display. I have had such little luck with Twilight(s) lately.

With its use of tonka absolute and lavender, Twilight adds a softly sweet, calming layer to the mystical Lothlorien woodland provided by Guardian of the Forest. Consequently, taking you further into Middle-Earth. As the aforementioned ingredients represent key characteristics of both the Shire and Rivendell (discussed above). Finally, Intergalactic bath bomb is added to the mix.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb:


Intergalactic bath bomb is added to this recipe to provide a little mood and muscle stimulating punch. Just a little punch, as the ingredient properties of the other two bath bombs help to counteract the full force of the cognitive boost that Intergalactic can provide on its own.[3] As Intergalactic’s base ingredient of peppermint oil compliments the relaxing properties of Twilight and Guardian of the Forest with its cooling effect. Consequently, releasing tense muscles. But most importantly, a little punch had to be added to the mix, as the ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ was not without action. Plus, Gandalf! ‘Nuff said.

The end result of these three bath bombs combined was some of the most strikingly beautiful bath water I have ever seen.

Rich emerald green water with lots of gold glitter. Absolutely stunning.


This Lush Cocktail Recipe had a variety of magnificent results. First, the vivid emerald green water created by the amalgamation of all three bath bombs was absolutely mesmerising. So much glitter! The sparkling emerald water that transforms into a rich woodland green colour (dependent upon the angle it is observed from) makes the bathing experience feel like you truly are entering the hidden and mystical realms of Middle Earth.

Scent wise, this Lush bath cocktail is equally enchanting. As the aroma provided by ingredients such as, tonka absolute, oakmoss absolute and peppermint oil create a beautifully creamy woodland aroma that has a rejuvenating kick.

In addition, these ingredients also come to the fore distinctly and independently during different phases of the bathing experience. The distinct aromatic presence of each ingredient makes for a fun and interesting bathing experience indeed! As the longer you soak in the tub, the more noticeable the different scent properties of each ingredient become.

These aromas come in waves. For example, at first the oakmoss absolute’s mossy notes were distinguishable from the other ingredients, then the peppermint oil stole the fragrant stage. Thus, in an aromatic context, the means by which the ingredients of each bath bomb interact with and complement one another, whilst also having the ability to be distinguishable in their own right is what makes this Lush bath cocktail interesting.

Finally, this Lush Cocktail Recipe is perfect if you need a gentle experience to uplift your low mood/motivation, or if you are a LOTR fan and are eager to delve into the lusciousness that is this ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ bath cocktail. Or both!

NB: if you would like to practice some mindfulness exercises to further enhance the relaxation properties of this Lush bath cocktail recipe, please see below for ideas and links to exercises that would match this cocktail perfectly.

Mindfulness: Personal Overview

Mindfulness can be used as a means of distraction during times of anxiety, intrusive thoughts, high emotional distress and for relaxation. As such, all mindfulness exercises discussed throughout this post and blog can be practiced exclusively for relaxation purposes; to enjoy some much needed ‘me time’ away from day-to-day routines and commitments.

In this post, I have included links to some mindfulness exercises from some of my other Lush Cocktail Recipes in the hope that they will be of use to others; by providing a mindfulness ‘recipe’. As discussed in my previous posts, Lush Cosmetics has been a firm part of my therapy and an important means for me to practice mindfulness. Hence, Lush products are the only ingredient of these mindfulness cocktail recipes. Finally, I find the sensory skills practiced during difficult times far more effective than exercises such as a ‘body scan’.[4] Therefore, sensory style exercises are featured within each recipe, opposed to body scan category of exercises.

To learn more about mindfulness and its core concept please see this sticky.

NB: Most of the mindfulness exercise names/phrases discussed in each of my ‘Mindfulness Recipes’ I coined myself. Therefore, it is acknowledged that the exercises discussed are most likely well-known by their generic titles. I, personally, find the titles/phrases I have coined to be more explanatory and consequently their selection for use more tailorable to individual needs. As they are easy to skim through and choose what exercises you feel your inner self may be in need of for recovery.

Links for the corresponding recipes are provided below.

Mindfulness Exercises:

As there is lots of aromatic and visual loveliness to this Lush cocktail, the mindfulness exercises to compliment this mystical bathing experience are: Visual Breathing’ and ‘Scents and Mindful Breathing’.

[1] Although admittedly there is much more action within the book than is portrayed in the film.

[2] As it is used as a remedy for numerous ailments including, asthma.

[3] Due to the peppermint oil in Intergalactic.

[4] See sticky for details of body scan exercise or for more about body scan and how to do it, see http://mindfulnessforstudents.co.uk/resources/the-body-scan/


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