FairyLoot: February’s Emperors and Fugitives Box [Subscription Box Review]


   Following my cancellation of OwlCrate due to financial limitations and the demise of the Nerdy Bookworm Box, I decided to give the book subscription box, FairyLoot, a chance. As I had been creeping it for a while on social media and kept wavering despite the fact that the service was clearly very popular on social media. Once I finally decided to ‘take the plunge’, it transpired that I had waited too long for the box I had wanted. As FairyLoot sells out very quickly each month. Thus, I ended up having to wait and subscribe the following month. Nevertheless, it was worth the wait!

   There are so many wonderful attributes to this book subscription service that I do not know where to start detailing them within this review. First, the box my goodies came in is just gorgeous inside and out. Some of the contents within the box are exclusive to FairyLoot and it is very apparent that each item is wrapped and packed into the box with care. It is these little touches that makes the whole experience of waiting for, receiving and opening the box feel all the more special and exciting. Enough of my babbling, it is time to demonstrate why I loved my first FairyLoot box so much. Hopefully I can do the box justice and you like my review too!

General House-Keeping:

   In a nutshell, FairyLoot is a monthly book subscription box, predominantly focussing on providing subscribers with one book from the young adult (YA) fantasy genre. Each month, FairyLoot boxes follow a theme connected to the aforementioned book. In addition, the box’s other contents match the particular theme. Each month you will receive 5-6 items connected to the book and box’s theme. Consumers are informed of each month’s theme at least a month in advance. You can view previous FairyLoot themes here. Payment options are discussed below.

   There are 4 payment options. Payments can be paid in the following ways: single purchase; month by month basis; three or six-monthly payments. The latter two payment options are ‘pre-paid’ style and all subscription payments will automatically renew on the 1st of the month. For three and six-month subscriptions, payment is taken every three or six-months after the initial payment.

The cost of each subscription option is as follows: Single purchase and monthly basis cost £26; three and six-monthly subscriptions cost £78 and £156 r espectively. These prices do not include shipping. UK shipping is £3.95. As shipping costs to countries outside the UK vary, please check costs here.

Each month a sneak peak of the theme for the following month’s box is also provided within the crate.

The Box Itself:

Matching the Emperors and Fugitives theme, February’s FairyLoot contained the following Items:

‘Empress of a Thousand Skies’ by Rhoda Belleza; Signed bookplate and author letter; Exclusive FairyScoop with author interview; Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Keychain (Funko); Exclusive Rebel of the Sands Pouch (Alisse Courter); Exclusive Kalusian Sunset Candle (Happy Piranha); Exclusive Illuminae Coaster (Read at Midnight); Exclusive Space Girl Bookmark (Till and Dill); Exclusive Celestial Gunpowder Bathbomb (Bathing Beauties) and a Throne of Glass Doubled Sided Print (Taratjah)

The Book: ‘Empress of a Thousand Skies’

   I have not started reading this book yet, however, the synopsis suggests it will be an interesting and easy read.

Exclusive Rebel of the Sands Pouch:

This is very cool, I love it and have already started using it.

Exclusive Kalusian Sunset Candle:

   This candle smells absolutely divine. I am not going to lie, I literally almost pee’d my pants when I spied a scented candle within the box. As I LOVE scented candles. I think my love of scented candles and wax melts is rooted in my obsessive fear of smells. As I am phobic of unknown smells, not in the sense that I fear scents I don’t recognize, it is more phobia of unexpected smells. As weird as it sounds I literally cannot cope with smells my nose deems as ‘bad’ and if one arrives unexpectedly, I panic.

   Please forgive my above babble, I got a bit carried away and tried to condense the description of my smell-o-phobia, ha-ha! Plus, I try to keep this blog as upbeat and non-health detail specific as possible. One reason for this is because I have learned over the years such discussions are not healthy for some individuals. This observation is predominantly due to what I have coined ‘symptom-copying’ in a desperate attempt to be regarded as mentally ill – I have known a few in my time who have ‘copied’ my mental health issues for this reason. Thus, for their (and others) own safety I do not go into specific detail.

Exclusive Celestial Gunpowder Bath bomb:

   Oh my! This is another item that nearly made me pee myself with excitement. This bath bomb smells amazing, it is so pretty and for something so small it has a beautifully strong candy scent.

    I love it when subscription boxes include bath bombs in their boxes. As I am a dedicated ‘Lushie’ and will not buy other branded bath bombs, I find receiving non-Lush bath bombs very exciting.

Exclusive Illuminae Coaster and Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Keychain (Funko):

   The coaster is me all over! I am chaos and unpredictable, but I also have a good heart and will help anyone in need. This coaster has pride of place on my office desk.

   Although I have not seen ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and as such I do know fully get the point of this little guy’s inclusion in the box, he is nevertheless fairly cute. I am going to include it in an upcoming bookish giveaway.

Exclusive Space Girl Bookmark (Till and Dill):

Throne of Glass Doubled Sided Print (Taratjah):


   What can I say about my first FairyLoot box? It was utter perfection and excellent value for money. The items were so beautiful and of such high quality that I find it hard to choose a favourite. As such, I will choose three favourites. These favourites are: the candle; the bath bomb and the coaster.

Whilst I am aware there is a subjective element to subscription boxes in re deciphering value for money, I highly recommend FairyLoot. As it covered many bases with regards to usable items and most importantly, the majority of the items were exclusive to the box. Exclusive items are always a massive bonus in my opinion.

FairyLoot is perfect for individuals of all ages who enjoy the YA fantasy genre, this is especially so because the items included within the box are not age restrictive. Who doesn’t love candles, FUNKO collectables and bath bombs?

Do you subscribe to FairyLoot? What do you think of the box’s contents?

If you enjoyed this review and would like to see more then follow this blog.


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