Jammin’ Sexy Summer Rose Fields: [Lush Cocktail Recipe]


   As I currently sit here trying to figure out the benefits of writing a blog post via my phone, I decided to write one of my Lush Cocktail Recipes as a test ‘phone-post’. So far, I can see the benefits with regards to the shorter blog post, but it appears to be a false-positive medium to create some of my more detailed ‘recipes’. Perhaps this perspective is because I am a total Newb when it comes to blogging via my phone. Anyways, on to good stuff – my latest Lush bath cocktail concoction.

The ingredients within this ‘recipe’ are: Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Sex Bomb Bath Bomb.

   This Lush Cocktail Recipe is simple in terms of ingredients used. It is also prima facie far less aromatically complex than some of my other recipes. However, this at-first-glance simple concoction is deliciously deceptive. As its fragrance bears strong resemblance to the smells that float around during a picnic on a warm summer’s day. This resemblance comes to the fore when Sex Bomb is added to the Rose Jam water. As the combination imitates the scent(s) created when the hot sun beats down on a field filled with wild flowers, consequently triggering a heightened release of their fragrance. In addition to the warm floral notes there is a seductively sweet layer that Rose Jam Bubbleroon provides – think eating jam sandwiches whilst in the wild flower field. Yummy. By adding these two together, you get a metaphorical picnic filled with sticky sweet floral aromas. Priceless.

 Rose Jam Bubbleroon:

   Syrupy rose aroma, this silky soft water making bubble bar deviates perfectly from traditional rose scented products. A modern twist on the beautiful but mass used and overall unexciting rose scent.

   The use of sicilian lemon oil and goji berry juice contribute to Rose Jam’s sweet fragrance. In addition to the aromatic qualities of these two ingredients, both provide physical and mental health benefits too. By stimulating the senses the goji berry can lift yiur mood, as well as actung as a contributory that helps to strengthen an individual’s immune system.

   Health benefits aside, Rose Jam Bubbleroon is an all-round gorgeous product to use. Come rain or shine, Rose Jam Bubbleroon steals the headline.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb:

The beautiful and sensual jasmine scent of Sex Bomb provides a relaxing dimension to the bathing experience, as the jasmine eases stress and reduces anxiety. So lie back and chill in this Lush cocktail recipe’s sweet floral aroma, imagine yourself sitting in a wild flower field basking in the hot summer sun.

Despite its aromatic beauty, this Sex Bomb was so fresh it was solid and as such, it was almost impossible to crush (as below). You gotta have a bit of #CrushMyLush sometimes.

Have you tried this combination of Lush products? What do you think of this Lush Cocktail Recipe?

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