An introduction to A Lushie’s Guide to Mindfulness Through Lush Cocktails

What can I say ‘about me’, I am honest and an enigma at the same time. I am incredibly quirky and multidimensional, or insane. This is dependent upon your personal perspective. I am also an LLB Law graduate, academic and current law Masters student.

Concurrent to gaining an education that matches my ambitions, for more years than I care to recall I have been battling multiple mental health issues including: Anorexia Nervosa; Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD); Depression and Anxiety. These issues may have slowed the pace at which I have reached my objectives, but I have always and will continue to refuse to allow mental health to define me as a person.

This blog has been divided into four parts: Subscription boxes (my new addiction); Lush cocktails combined with therapeutic mindfulness; general Lush chit-chat /musings and finally, seasonal themed Lush cocktails. Although all the cocktails within this site can be used in a non-therapeutic way. Each post has a personal element, expressing my own opinions on products, cocktails and life in general. As not everything in life is light and fluffy, I will not review each and every product or cocktail from a rose tinted spectacle perspective. If I dislike or I am disgruntled by something, I will say it.  A core element of me as a person is my honesty. I hate lies and falsities which are misleading. Thus, this blog is a personal outlet filled with my musings, insights and ideas predominantly expressed through my love of Lush Cosmetics.

Finally and most importantly, in my ‘Lush and Therapy’ posts, I include a summary of the skills used and how they were practiced during the difficult time that prompted the cocktail’s creation. I have done so in the hope that they will be of use to others, by providing a mindfulness ‘recipe’ combined with personal experience(s).

 As such, I mostly do this via discussion of skills I learned in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and personal insights/musings. DBT skills are universal and can be practiced by anyone. As such, I wanted to share my experiences over the past 7 years and beyond. To achieve the goal of my blog I will amalgamate elements of Lush and skills I learned in DBT – predominantly mindfulness. As Lush has been a staple part of my skill therapy, I wish to share my experiences as well as raise awareness to e power of sensory mindfulness. At the same time, I will limit my grumblings about troubles I am contending with, as I aim for this blog to be a positive and helpful arena for others.


All writings are my own thoughts and opinions based on personal experience and other understandings. Where appropriate, these expressions/writings are based on analysis of research conducted. Researched material consulted and used will always be referenced. If information I have provided and discussed is inaccurate or you do not agree with my position, I am happy for you to comment your opinions – positive or negative. However, please bear in mind the note above, as all material posted on this page is my own work.

Mindfulness: The mindfulness exercises discussed throughout this blog are not solely for the use within a therapeutic the context. They can be practiced anywhere at any time.

In re discussions of the mental well-being benefits deriving from natural products: I am not and do not endorse natural therapy as a sole alternative to pharmaceutical medications/conventional therapy. Instead I discuss the natural properties as a means of ‘helping you help yourself’. For example, as a therapeutic addition which compliments conventional therapy/medication; a means of relaxation after a stressful experience (including where no mental health issue is present) or to boost the enjoyment of some much needed ‘me time’.


I will be reviewing my current subscriptions to various monthly boxes. As I live in anxious dread at the thought of mail popping through my door and decided it was time to ensure I received some mail to not live in fear of.

 Hopefully, as time progresses and I get to grips with blogging, my ‘about me’ will be jazzier.